Dark In My Imagination

sinfulsirius asked:  marauders or golden trio?

With her pretty face and pale blonde hair, she looked more like an a n g e l than a vampire.

    N o w  I  f i g u r e d  o u t,
    I  d o n ’ t  n e e d, I  d o n ’ t
    n e e d  n o  h e r o.
    I  c a n  s a v e  m y s e l f  n o  h e r o.

Titanic 102nd Anniversary

"And movie of the year goes to… The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”


supernatural meme: three angels — gabriel [2/3]

I’m in the game now, and I’m not on your side, or Michael’s. I’m on theirs.

make me choose: anon asked stalia or scira.
                                  anon asked stalia or fayana.

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I love that you can be something completely absurd and wonderful, and it gives you a lot more creative license - you’re not human so you can be anything. Lucy Fry

I’m so young, and I’m single, and I just want to drift. I’m just going to be a drifter. I want to do something totally different before Insurgent [the second film in the Divergent trilogy]. Maybe I’ll work in a tea shop. Or live in Amsterdam. Or be a nanny. Life experience only helps us as actors. I need new experiences to draw upon.

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us."